Mars Whisky Iwai Tradition 750mL

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ABV 40%Aroma- Caramel, Fruity, SmokyTaste- Balanced, SmoothBest Served- Neat, On the RocksOrigin- Japan

Mars Whisky Iwai Tradition is a Japanese whisky known for its harmony of flavors. Crafted in the Alps of Japan, it offers a balanced profile with notes of caramel, fruit, and a light smokiness, making it a delightful choice for both new and experienced whisky drinkers.

Brand, Mars Whisky
Category, Whisky
Type, Japanese
Alcohol Content, 40%
Origin, Japan
Aroma, Caramel, Fruity, Smoky
Taste, Balanced, Smooth
Best Served, Neat, On the Rocks
Color, Amber
Bottle, Standard Glass Bottle