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Dive into the heart of San Diego's spirited oasis at Miramar Wine & Liquor, the ultimate rendezvous for aficionados and casual enthusiasts alike. Here, we celebrate the craft of distillation and fermentation, bringing you an unparalleled collection of beers, wines, and spirits that speak volumes of quality and distinction.

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At Miramar Wine & Liquor, every sip tells a story, and every bottle carries the essence of its origin. We're dedicated to curating a selection that satisfies the soul and ignites the senses, whether you're on the hunt for a bottle that whispers elegance or one that shouts celebration. Our shelves boast a kaleidoscope of flavors from across the globe, ensuring your glass is never half empty but always brimming with possibility.

For those who revel in the art of whisky, our collection of rare finds and beloved classics awaits to take you on a journey through smoky peatlands and oak-laden cellars. And for the spirit seekers, our array of handcrafted gins, robust rums, and velvety vodkas offers a passport to taste adventure. Not to be outshone, our wine selection ranges from the vibrant and effervescent to the deep and contemplative, catering to every whim and fancy.

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Believing that premium shouldn't mean pricey, we've tailored our prices to ensure that indulgence is accessible, blending quality with value in every pour. Our team, a merry band of enthusiasts and experts, is on deck to navigate you through our treasure trove, ensuring you find that perfect match to elevate your occasion or cap off your day.

Nestled on the vibrant Miramar Road, our doors are open to kindred spirits and curious minds alike. Here, in our cozy haven, you're invited to explore, taste, and celebrate the rich tapestry of beverages that grace our world. And for those moments when stepping out isn't an option, our virtual cellar is at your fingertips, offering swift delivery and seamless pick-up services to bring the essence of Miramar Wine & Liquor directly to your doorstep.

Beyond the bottle, Miramar Wine & Liquor stands as a beacon for those looking to deepen their appreciation, offering insights, recommendations, and a community of like-minded individuals all united by a shared passion for the finer sips in life.

So, whether you're toasting to the everyday or the extraordinary, let Miramar Wine & Liquor be your guide to a world where every moment is an opportunity to discover something remarkable. Raise your glass to the journey ahead and savor the journey as much as the destination. Cheers to you, San Diego, from the heart of Miramar Wine & Liquor. Here's to discovering your next favorite pour.

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7190 Miramar Rd. #103 San Diego, CA 92121

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Monday - Sunday
9 AM to 11 PM (PST)

(858) 369-1211