Lunazul Tequila Reposado 750mL


ABV 40%Aroma- Oak, CaramelTaste- Rich, MellowBest Served- On the Rocks, In MargaritasOrigin- Mexico

Lunazul Tequila Reposado in a 750ml bottle offers a rich and mellow flavor, matured in oak barrels to enhance its complex profile. This reposado is perfect for sipping or as the base of premium cocktails, delivering a smooth taste with every sip.

Brand, Lunazul
Category, Tequila
Type, Reposado
Origin, Mexico
Alcohol Content, 40%
Aroma, Oak, Caramel
Taste, Rich, Mellow
Best Served, On the Rocks, In Margaritas
Bottle, Standard Glass Bottle