Le Breuil Normandie Single Malt Whisky 700mL


ABV 40%Aroma- Fruity, Apples, PearsTaste- Smooth, OakyBest Served- Neat, On the RocksOrigin- France

Le Breuil Normandie Single Malt Whisky is crafted in France, offering a unique take on traditional single malt whisky with a distinctively smooth and fruity profile. Matured in oak barrels, it delivers subtle hints of apples and pears, a nod to the famous orchards of Normandie.

Brand, Le Breuil
Category, Whisky
Type, Single Malt
Origin, France
Alcohol Content, 40%
Aroma, Fruity, Apples, Pears
Taste, Smooth, Oaky
Best Served, Neat, On the Rocks
Bottle, Standard Glass Bottle