Lamata Mezcal Madrecuixe Oaxaca 750mL


ABV 47%Aroma- Floral, VegetalTaste- Rich, AromaticBest Served- NeatOrigin- Mexico

Lamata Mezcal Madrecuixe Oaxaca is produced from the Madrecuixe variety of agave, known for its tall, cylindrical piñas. This mezcal offers a rich and aromatic experience, with flavors that showcase the floral and vegetal characteristics of the agave.

Brand, Lamata
Category, Mezcal
Type, Artisanal
Origin, Mexico
Alcohol Content, 47%
Aroma, Floral, Vegetal
Taste, Rich, Aromatic
Best Served, Neat
Bottle, Standard Glass Bottle