Laird’s Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Apple Brandy Barrel Finish 750mL


ABV 45%Aroma- Apple, OakTaste- Complex, Subtly SweetBest Served- Neat or on the RocksOrigin- USA

Laird’s Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey with Apple Brandy Barrel Finish combines the robust flavors of bourbon with the subtle sweetness of apple brandy. Aged in apple brandy barrels, this whiskey offers a unique twist, perfect for whiskey aficionados.

Brand, Laird's
Category, Whiskey
Type, Bourbon
Origin, USA
Alcohol Content, 45%
Aroma, Apple, Oak
Taste, Complex, Subtly Sweet
Best Served, Neat or on the Rocks
Color, Deep Amber
Bottle, 750 ml Bottle