Kuleana Hoku Lei Rum 750mL

Award Winner


ABV 46%Aroma- Floral, TropicalTaste- Aromatic, SweetBest Served- On the Rocks or in CocktailsOrigin- Hawaii, USA

Kuleana Hoku Lei Rum is an exceptional blend of local Hawaiian rums, aged and infused with tropical flowers. It's a tribute to the Hawaiian lei, offering a floral and aromatic drinking experience that's uniquely delightful.

Brand, Kuleana
Category, Rum
Type, Flavored
Origin, Hawaii, USA
Alcohol Content, 46%
Aroma, Floral, Tropical
Taste, Aromatic, Sweet
Best Served, On the Rocks or in Cocktails
Color, Amber
Bottle, 750 ml Bottle