Kaiyo Japanese Kuri Wood Whisky 750mL


ABV 43%Aroma- Nutty, OakTaste- Rich, DistinctiveBest Served- Neat or on the RocksOrigin- Japan

Kaiyo Japanese Kuri Wood Whisky is a unique expression aged in rare Kuri (chestnut) wood casks, offering a distinctively rich and nutty flavor. This whisky is perfect for those who appreciate a deeper, more nuanced taste profile.

Brand, Kaiyo
Category, Whisky
Type, Aged in Kuri Wood
Origin, Japan
Alcohol Content, 43%
Aroma, Nutty, Oak
Taste, Rich, Distinctive
Best Served, Neat or on the Rocks
Color, Golden Amber
Bottle, 750 ml Bottle