Heriloom Brand Pineapple Amaro 750mL


ABV 30%Aroma- Pineapple, HerbalTaste- Sweet, BitterBest Served- As a Digestif or in CocktailsOrigin- USA

Heriloom Brand Pineapple Amaro offers a unique twist on traditional amaro by infusing it with the sweetness of pineapple. This liqueur is perfect for those who enjoy a bitter-sweet flavor profile that's both refreshing and complex.

Brand, Heriloom Brand
Category, Liqueur
Type, Amaro
Origin, USA
Alcohol Content, 30%
Aroma, Pineapple, Herbal
Taste, Sweet, Bitter
Best Served, As a Digestif or in Cocktails
Color, Deep Gold
Bottle, 750 ml Bottle