Erath Resplendent Pinot Noir 750mL


ABV 13.5%Aroma- Cherry, RaspberryTaste- Vibrant, EarthyBest Served- Room TemperatureOrigin- Oregon, USA

Erath Resplendent Pinot Noir is a vibrant and silky wine from Oregon, known for its elegance and accessibility. It features flavors of cherry, raspberry, and a hint of earthiness, making it a delightful companion to poultry, pork, and vegetarian dishes.

Brand, Erath
Category, Wine
Type, Pinot Noir
Origin, Oregon, USA
Alcohol Content, 13.5%
Aroma, Cherry, Raspberry
Taste, Vibrant, Earthy
Best Served, Room Temperature
Color, Ruby
Bottle, Standard Wine Bottle