Equil Ibrium 4pk 16 fl oz



Achieve beer nirvana with Equilibrium Brewery's 4-pack of 16 fl oz cans. This expertly crafted IPA delivers a harmonious balance of hoppy bitterness and fruity notes. Hailing from New York, Equilibrium is known for pushing the boundaries of hop-forward beers. Each sip offers a journey through layers of tropical fruit, citrus, and pine, backed by a solid malt backbone. Perfect for sharing with friends or savoring solo, this 4-pack provides ample opportunity to explore the nuanced flavors of a top-tier craft IPA.

Brand, Equilibrium Brewery
Category, Beer
Type, IPA
Alcohol Content, 4.8%
Origin, Middletown, New York, USA
Taste, Hoppy, Tropical Fruit, Balanced
Best Served, Chilled, 45-50°F
Color, Hazy Gold
Bottle, 16 fl oz Cans, 4-pack