El Dorado 21yr Special Reserve Rum 750mL


ABV 43%Aroma- Caramel, Dried FruitTaste- Complex, OakyBest Served- NeatOrigin- Guyana

El Dorado 21yr Special Reserve Rum represents the pinnacle of the distillery's craftsmanship. Aged for 21 years, this rum features an extraordinarily complex profile with layers of caramel, dried fruit, and oak. It's perfect for those special moments that call for a luxurious sipping rum.

Brand, El Dorado
Category, Rum
Type, Special Reserve
Origin, Guyana
Alcohol Content, 43%
Aroma, Caramel, Dried Fruit
Taste, Complex, Oaky
Best Served, Neat
Color, Rich Amber
Bottle, Premium Rum Bottle