Eifel Whisky German Rye Whisky 700mL


ABV 45%Aroma- Rye Spice, NuttyTaste- Bold, FruityBest Served- Neat, On the RocksOrigin- Germany

Eifel Whisky German Rye Whisky is crafted in Germany and stands out with its bold rye spice and hints of fruit and nuttiness. Aged in oak barrels, this whisky offers a distinctive and robust flavor profile, ideal for whisky enthusiasts looking for something unique.

Brand, Eifel
Category, Whisky
Type, Rye
Origin, Germany
Alcohol Content, 45%
Aroma, Rye Spice, Nutty
Taste, Bold, Fruity
Best Served, Neat, On the Rocks
Color, Deep Amber
Bottle, Standard Whisky Bottle