Drambuie Isle of Skye Liqueur 1L


ABV 40%Aroma- Heather Honey, SpicesTaste- Rich, ComplexBest Served- Neat, In CocktailsOrigin- Scotland

Drambuie Isle of Skye Liqueur in a 1L bottle offers a rich blend of Scotch whisky, heather honey, herbs, and spices. This classic liqueur is renowned for its depth and complexity, perfect for sipping neat or as an enhancement to cocktails.

Brand, Drambuie
Category, Liqueur
Type, Whisky Liqueur
Origin, Scotland
Alcohol Content, 40%
Aroma, Heather Honey, Spices
Taste, Rich, Complex
Best Served, Neat, In Cocktails
Color, Golden
Bottle, Large Format Liqueur Bottle