450 North Cotton Candy Strawberry Piña Colada 16 fl oz


ABV 6%Aroma- Cotton Candy, Strawberry, CoconutTaste- Sweet, Tropical, FruityBest Served- ChilledOrigin- USA

Experience the playful fusion of flavors in 450 North's Cotton Candy Strawberry Piña Colada. This uniquely crafted ale combines the sweetness of cotton candy and strawberry with the tropical zest of piña colada, offering a whimsically delightful drink.

Brand, 450 North
Category, Beer
Type, Flavored Ale
Origin, United States
Alcohol Content, 6%
Aroma, Cotton Candy, Strawberry, Coconut
Taste, Sweet, Tropical, Fruity
Best Served, Chilled
Color, Light Pink
Bottle, 16oz Can