Diego Zamora Licor 43 Vegan Horchata 750mL


ABV 16%Aroma- Creamy, Tiger NutTaste- Sweet, RichBest Served- Chilled, In Dessert CocktailsOrigin- Spain

Diego Zamora Licor 43 Vegan Horchata is a dairy-free version of the traditional horchata liqueur, infused with Licor 43 and flavored with tiger nuts for a creamy, rich taste. This innovative liqueur is perfect for those seeking a vegan option without sacrificing flavor.

Brand, Diego Zamora
Category, Liqueur
Type, Vegan Horchata
Origin, Spain
Alcohol Content, 16%
Aroma, Creamy, Tiger Nut
Taste, Sweet, Rich
Best Served, Chilled, In Dessert Cocktails
Color, Cream
Bottle, Standard Liqueur Bottle