Dekuyper Peanut Butter 750mL


ABV 15%Aroma- Peanut Butter, CreamyTaste- Rich, NuttyBest Served- In Cocktails, As a ShotOrigin- USA

Dekuyper Peanut Butter is a unique liqueur that brings the creamy, rich taste of peanut butter into your favorite cocktails. Its smooth texture and deep flavor make it a standout ingredient for inventive drink creations.

Brand, Dekuyper
Category, Liqueur
Type, Peanut Butter
Origin, USA
Alcohol Content, 15%
Aroma, Peanut Butter, Creamy
Taste, Rich, Nutty
Best Served, In Cocktails, As a Shot
Color, Opaque
Bottle, Standard Liqueur Bottle