Cutwater Lime Margarita 4pk 12 fl oz cans

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ABV 12.5%Flavor- Lime, TequilaTaste- Crisp, RefreshingBest Served- ChilledOrigin- USA

Cutwater Lime Margarita combines premium tequila with the crisp, refreshing taste of lime in a ready-to-drink format. This 4-pack of 12oz cans is perfect for margarita lovers looking for the convenience of a pre-mixed option without sacrificing the classic margarita taste.

Brand, Cutwater
Category, Pre-Mixed Cocktail
Type, Lime Margarita
Alcohol Content, 12.5%
Origin, USA
Flavor, Lime, Tequila
Taste, Crisp, Refreshing
Best Served, Chilled
Package, 4pk 12oz Cans