Crown Royal Peach 750mL


ABV 35%Aroma- Peach, SweetTaste- Juicy, Bright, RefreshingBest Served- On the Rocks, In CocktailsOrigin- Canada

Crown Royal Peach brings the succulent flavor of ripe peaches to a classic Canadian whisky, offering a rich, sweet drinking experience. The 750ml bottle is perfect for those warm, sunny days or crafting delightful, fruity cocktails.

Brand, Crown Royal
Category, Flavored Whisky
Type, Peach
Origin, Canada
Alcohol Content, 35%
Aroma, Peach, Sweet
Taste, Juicy, Bright, Refreshing
Best Served, On the Rocks, In Cocktails
Color, Light Amber
Bottle, Standard Whisky Bottle