Corbin Cash Merced Rye Whiskey 750mL


ABV 45%Aroma- Spicy Rye, VanillaTaste- Bold, Spicy, Sweet UndertonesBest Served- Neat, In CocktailsOrigin- USA

Corbin Cash Merced Rye Whiskey, crafted from estate-grown rye, offers a distinctive flavor profile with a bold, spicy character and a hint of sweetness, making it an excellent choice for whiskey enthusiasts.

Brand, Corbin Cash
Category, Whiskey
Type, Rye
Origin, USA
Alcohol Content, 45%
Aroma, Spicy Rye, Vanilla
Taste, Bold, Spicy, Sweet Undertones
Best Served, Neat, In Cocktails
Color, Rich Amber
Bottle, Standard Glass Bottle