Classic Cask Original Cask Whisky SW.108 750mL


ABV 43%Aroma- Malt, OakTaste- Crisp, Malt, OakyBest Served- NeatOrigin- Scotland

Experience the pure expression of Scotch with Classic Cask Original Cask Whisky SW.108. This whisky is crafted to showcase the raw and natural flavors of the spirit, with minimal intervention. The resulting profile is clean and honest, with a crisp, malt-forward taste and a hint of oak. Ideal for those who appreciate whisky in its most authentic form.

Brand, Classic Cask
Category, Whisky
Type, Original Cask
Alcohol Content, 43%
Origin, Scotland
Aroma, Malt, Oak
Taste, Crisp, Malt, Oaky
Best Served, Neat
Color, Pale Gold
Bottle, Standard Glass Bottle