Cappelletti Mazzura Aperitivo 750mL


ABV 15%Aroma- Citrus, HerbalTaste- Bitter-Sweet, RefreshingBest Served- In CocktailsOrigin- Italy

Cappelletti Mazzura Aperitivo is a delightful aperitif with a balanced blend of citrus and herbal notes, perfect for starting an evening meal. The gentle bitterness and sweet undertones make it a versatile base for a variety of refreshing cocktails.

Brand, Cappelletti
Category, Aperitif
Type, Mazzura
Alcohol Content, 15%
Origin, Italy
Aroma, Citrus, Herbal
Taste, Bitter-Sweet, Refreshing
Best Served, In Cocktails
Color, Red
Bottle, Standard Glass Bottle