Cantera Negra Café Coffee Liqueur 750mL


ABV 20%Aroma- Coffee, AgaveTaste- Rich Coffee, Smooth TequilaBest Served- Over Ice, In CocktailsOrigin- Mexico

Cantera Negra Cafe is a unique coffee-flavored tequila that combines the rich, bold flavors of freshly brewed coffee with the smoothness of premium tequila. Ideal for coffee lovers, it offers a delightful experience as a digestif or a luxurious ingredient in cocktails.

Brand, Cantera Negra
Category, Flavored Tequila
Type, Cafe
Alcohol Content, 20%
Origin, Mexico
Aroma, Coffee, Agave
Taste, Rich Coffee, Smooth Tequila
Best Served, Over Ice, In Cocktails
Color, Dark Brown
Bottle, Standard Glass Bottle