Calirosa Tequila Reposado 750mL


ABV 40%Aroma- Berry, OakTaste- Smooth, Fruity Undertones, Woody FinishBest Served- Neat, In CocktailsOrigin- Mexico

Calirosa Tequila Reposado is aged in red wine barrels, giving it a unique pink hue and a flavor profile that blends traditional tequila warmth with subtle hints of berry and oak. This reposado is a modern twist on a classic, ideal for sophisticated cocktails or sipping neat.

Brand, Calirosa
Category, Tequila
Type, Reposado
Alcohol Content, 40%
Origin, Mexico
Aroma, Berry, Oak
Taste, Smooth, Fruity Undertones, Woody Finish
Best Served, Neat, In Cocktails
Color, Pinkish Hue
Bottle, Standard Glass Bottle