Caffo Vecchio Amaro del Capo Original 700mL

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ABV 35%Aroma- Herbal, BittersweetTaste- Complex, Herbal, Slightly BitterBest Served- Chilled, In CocktailsOrigin- Italy

Caffo Vecchino Amaro del Capo Original is a revered herbal liqueur from Italy, celebrated for its blend of 29 herbs and roots. This digestif offers a soothing, bittersweet flavor, ideal for rounding off a meal or as a base in inventive cocktails.

Brand, Caffo
Category, Amaro
Type, Vecchino Amaro del Capo
Alcohol Content, 35%
Origin, Italy
Aroma, Herbal, Bittersweet
Taste, Complex, Herbal, Slightly Bitter
Best Served, Chilled, In Cocktails
Color, Dark Brown
Bottle, Standard Glass Bottle