Cadenheads 28yr Rum Enmore 750mL


ABV 52.6%Flavor- Tropical Fruits, Oak, SpiceTaste- Complex, RichBest Served- NeatOrigin- Guyana

Cadenhead's 28yr Rum Enmore is a rare and aged rum from the famed Enmore distillery. This 750ml bottle offers a complex profile of tropical fruits, oak, and subtle spice, making it a luxurious choice for connoisseurs looking to savor an exceptional rum with a deep, evolving character

Brand, Cadenhead's
Category, Rum
Type, Aged Rum
Alcohol Content, 52.6%
Origin, Guyana
Flavor, Tropical Fruits, Oak, Spice
Taste, Complex, Rich
Best Served, Neat
Packaging, 750ml Bottle