Cadenhead’s 17 Year Rum 750mL


ABV 46%Aroma- Tropical Fruit, SpiceTaste- Rich, Complex, Mellow FinishBest Served- Neat, With IceOrigin- Caribbean

Experience the depth and richness of Cadenhead’s 17 Year Rum, a meticulously aged spirit that offers a complex blend of tropical fruit and spice notes. This aged rum is a connoisseur’s choice for sipping slowly and appreciating its evolved character.

Brand, Cadenhead
Category, Rum
Type, 17 Year
Alcohol Content, 46%
Origin, Caribbean
Aroma, Tropical Fruit, Spice
Taste, Rich, Complex, Mellow Finish
Best Served, Neat, With Ice
Color, Deep Amber
Bottle, Standard Glass Bottle"