Byrrh Grand Quinquina Aperitif 750mL


ABV 18%Aroma- Spices, Orange, CoffeeTaste- Rich, Bitter, ComplexBest Served- Chilled, CocktailsOrigin- France

Byrrh Grand Quinquina is a distinguished French aperitif made from red wine and quinine. The rich, full-bodied flavor is accented with notes of coffee, orange, and spices, making it an ideal choice for sipping as an aperitif or using in sophisticated cocktails.

Brand, Byrrh
Category, Aperitif
Type, Quinquina
Alcohol Content, 18%
Origin, France
Aroma, Spices, Orange, Coffee
Taste, Rich, Bitter, Complex
Best Served, Chilled, Cocktails
Color, Dark Red
Bottle, Standard Glass Bottle