By The Dutch Batavia Arrack White Rum 750mL


ABV 48%Aroma- Subtle Spice, VanillaTaste- Robust, Clean, Spicy UndertonesBest Served- In CocktailsOrigin- Indonesia

Explore the pristine flavors of By The Dutch Batavia Arrack White Rum, a clear, high-proof rum that offers a clean yet robust taste with subtle hints of spice and vanilla. Ideal for both classic and innovative cocktails, this rum adds a rich depth to any drink.

Brand, By The Dutch
Category, Rum
Type, Batavia Arrack White
Alcohol Content, 48%
Origin, Indonesia
Aroma, Subtle Spice, Vanilla
Taste, Robust, Clean, Spicy Undertones
Best Served, In Cocktails
Color, Clear
Bottle, Standard Glass Bottle