Buzzbox Tequila Paloma 4PK 200ML


ABV 12%Aroma- Grapefruit, TequilaTaste- Sweet, Tart Grapefruit, Hint of SaltBest Served- ChilledOrigin- USA

Buzzbox Tequila Paloma perfectly balances the robust flavors of tequila with the sweet and tart notes of grapefruit, offering a ready-to-drink cocktail that's both convenient and delicious. Enjoy the vibrant taste of this classic Mexican cocktail straight from the box.

Brand, Buzzbox
Category, Ready-to-Drink
Type, Tequila Paloma
Alcohol Content, 12%
Origin, USA
Aroma, Grapefruit, Tequila
Taste, Sweet, Tart Grapefruit, Hint of Salt
Best Served, Chilled
Color, Pink Grapefruit
Bottle, Cardboard Box with Individual Pouches