Bunratty Irish Whiskey Peated Malt 750mL


ABV 43%Aroma- Peat Smoke, Oak, SpiceTaste- Smooth, Smoky, SpicyBest Served- Neat, On the rocksOrigin- Ireland

Bunratty Irish Whiskey Peated Malt offers a rare peat-smoked flavor that is unusual for Irish whiskeys. This 750ml bottle delivers a smooth yet smoky taste with undertones of spice and oak, creating a memorable and distinctly Irish sipping experience.

Brand, Bunratty
Category, Irish Whiskey
Type, Peated Malt
Alcohol Content, 43%
Origin, Ireland
Aroma, Peat Smoke, Oak, Spice
Taste, Smooth, Smoky, Spicy
Best Served, Neat, On the rocks
Color, Amber
Bottle, Standard Glass Bottle