Buchanan's Master Scotch Whisky 750mL


ABV 40%Aroma- Vanilla, Pear, SpicyTaste- Smooth, HarmoniousBest Served- Neat, On the rocksOrigin- Scotland

Buchanan's Master Scotch Whisky is a testament to the artistry of blending, offering a harmonious mix of malt and grain whiskies. Its smooth profile is punctuated by notes of vanilla, pear, and a hint of spice, making it a superb choice for discerning whisky lovers.

Brand, Buchanan's
Category, Scotch Whisky
Type, Master
Alcohol Content, 40%
Origin, Scotland
Aroma, Vanilla, Pear, Spicy
Taste, Smooth, Harmonious
Best Served, Neat, On the rocks
Color, Amber
Bottle, Standard Glass Bottle