Booker Fracture Paso Robles 2019 Syrah 750mL


ABV Estimated 14.5%Flavor- Dark Berries, Pepper, Smoky OakTaste- Intense, Full-bodiedBest Served- Room TemperatureOrigin- USA

Booker Fracture is an intense and full-bodied Syrah from Paso Robles, showcasing the robust character of the 2019 vintage. This 750ml bottle offers deep flavors of dark berries, pepper, and smoky oak, making it a powerful choice for lovers of bold red wines. Ideal for pairing with grilled meats or rich, savory dishes.

Brand, Booker
Category, Wine
Type, Syrah
Alcohol Content, Estimated 14.5%
Origin, USA
Flavor, Dark Berries, Pepper, Smoky Oak
Taste, Intense, Full-bodied
Best Served, Room Temperature
Packaging, 750ml Bottle