Booker Fracture Paso Robles 2018 Syrah 750mL


ABV 14.5%Flavor- Dark Fruit, Pepper, SpicesTaste- Intense, Full-bodiedBest Served- Room TemperatureOrigin- USA

Booker Fracture Paso Robles 2018 Syrah is a robust red wine from California, known for its intense flavors of dark fruit, pepper, and spices. This 750ml bottle of Syrah is perfect for connoisseurs looking to savor a powerful, full-bodied wine with complex layers and a long finish.

Brand, Booker
Category, Wine
Type, Syrah
Alcohol Content, 14.5%
Origin, USA
Flavor, Dark Fruit, Pepper, Spices
Taste, Intense, Full-bodied
Best Served, Room Temperature
Color, Deep Purple
Bottle, 750ml