Bombay Dry Gin 1.75L


ABV 47%Flavor- Juniper, Citrus, SpicesTaste- Clean, CrispBest Served- In Cocktails or with TonicOrigin- United Kingdom

Bombay Dry Gin is a traditional London dry gin known for its juniper-forward flavor profile with hints of citrus and spices. This 1.75-liter bottle offers a clean, crisp taste that is both refreshing and aromatic, making it a superb base for classic gin cocktails or enjoyed in a simple gin and tonic.

Brand, Bombay
Category, Gin
Type, Dry Gin
Alcohol Content, 47%
Origin, United Kingdom
Flavor, Juniper, Citrus, Spices
Taste, Clean, Crisp
Best Served, In Cocktails or with Tonic
Packaging, 1.75L Bottle