Baileys Irish Cream 20pk/50ml


ABV 17%Flavor- Cocoa, VanillaTaste- Smooth, CreamyBest Served- Chilled, In CocktailsOrigin- Ireland

Baileys Irish Cream 20pk/50ml offers the classic Baileys experience in a convenient mini-bottle format, perfect for gifting, parties, or as a sampler. Each 50ml bottle contains the smooth, creamy liqueur made from Irish whiskey and dairy cream, with a hint of cocoa and vanilla.

Brand, Baileys
Category, Liqueur
Type, Cream
Alcohol Content, 17%
Origin, Ireland
Flavor, Cocoa, Vanilla
Taste, Smooth, Creamy
Best Served, Chilled, In Cocktails
Packaging, 20pk/50ml Bottles