Asombroso Tequila Reposado La Rosa 750mL


ABV 40%Aroma- Wine, SpicyTaste- Soft, FloralBest Served- In Cocktails, ChilledOrigin- Mexico

Asombroso Tequila Reposado La Rosa is a unique reposado aged in Bordeaux wine barrels, imparting a distinctive pink hue and subtle wine-infused flavors to the tequila. This 750mL bottle offers a delightful blend of tequila spice and soft wine notes, perfect for a sophisticated twist on classic tequila cocktails.

Brand, Asombroso
Category, Tequila
Type, Reposado, Wine-Aged
Origin, Mexico
Alcohol Content, 40%
Aroma, Wine, Spicy
Taste, Soft, Floral
Best Served, In Cocktails, Chilled
Pack, 750mL Bottle