Asbach Uralt 3 Year Brandy 750mL


ABV 38%Flavor- Grape, Oak, VanillaTaste- Smooth, RichBest Served- Neat, In CocktailsOrigin- Germany

Asbach Uralt 3 Year Brandy is a renowned German brandy that has been aged for three years, offering a smooth and rich flavor profile. This 750ml bottle features notes of grape, oak, and a hint of vanilla, making it a classic choice for sipping neat or using in sophisticated cocktails.

Brand, Asbach Uralt
Category, Brandy
Type, Aged Brandy
Alcohol Content, 38%
Origin, Germany
Flavor, Grape, Oak, Vanilla
Taste, Smooth, Rich
Best Served, Neat, In Cocktails
Bottle, 750ml Bottle