Allagash White Belgian Style Wheat Beer 19.2 fl oz


ABV 5.2%Aroma- Orange Peel, SpiceTaste- Citrusy, Spicy, SmoothBest Served- ChilledOrigin- USA

Allagash White Belgian Style Wheat Beer is a quintessential example of the Belgian witbier style, known for its cloudy appearance and refreshing zest. Infused with spices and orange peel, this wheat beer offers a delightful complexity that's both aromatic and satisfying.

Brand, Allagash Brewing Company
Category, Beer
Type, Belgian Wheat Beer
Origin, United States
Alcohol Content, 5.2%
Aroma, Orange Peel, Spice
Taste, Citrusy, Spicy, Smooth
Best Served, Chilled
Color, Cloudy Pale
Bottle, Standard