Alaskan Juneau Juice 1 pint


ABV 6.8%Aroma- Citrus, Tropical FruitsTaste- Juicy, Hoppy, BrightBest Served- ChilledOrigin- USA

Alaskan Juneau Juice is a vibrant, fruit-forward IPA that captures the essence of Juneau's wild, natural beauty. Bursting with juicy hop flavors, this beer is perfect for those who appreciate a well-crafted IPA with a fresh, aromatic twist.

Brand, Alaskan Brewing Co.
Category, Beer
Type, IPA
Origin, United States
Alcohol Content, 6.8%
Aroma, Citrus, Tropical Fruits
Taste, Juicy, Hoppy, Bright
Best Served, Chilled
Color, Hazy Amber
Bottle, Standard