Agavales Tequila & Cream Liqueur Mocha 750mL


ABV 15%Taste- Mocha, Cream, TequilaBest Served- Over Ice, In CoffeeOrigin- Mexico

Agavales Tequila & Cream Liqueur Mocha is a luxurious fusion of rich mocha flavors with smooth tequila and cream. Ideal for dessert pairings or as a decadent treat, this liqueur offers a sumptuous chocolate-coffee experience with a tequila kick.

Brand, Agavales
Category, Liqueur
Type, Tequila & Cream - Mocha
Alcohol Content, 15%
Origin, Mexico
Taste, Mocha, Cream, Tequila
Best Served, Over Ice, In Coffee
Color, Dark Brown
Bottle, 750ml