Cutwater Pina Colada Cocktail 4pk 12 fl oz Cans

Award Winner


ABV 13%Aroma- Pineapple, CoconutTaste- Creamy, TropicalBest Served- ChilledOrigin- USA

Cutwater Pina Colada brings the tropical flavors of fresh pineapple and creamy coconut in a ready-to-enjoy format. Ideal for those looking to indulge in a classic cocktail with no fuss.

Brand, Cutwater
Category, Ready-to-Drink
Type, Pina Colada
Origin, USA
Alcohol Content, 13%
Aroma, Pineapple, Coconut
Taste, Creamy, Tropical
Best Served, Chilled
Color, White
Bottle, Ready-to-Drink Bottle