Martini & Rossi Fiero Orange Vermouth 750mL


ABV 15%Aroma- Orange Zest, VibrantTaste- Zesty, Sweet CitrusBest Served- In CocktailsOrigin- Italy

Martini & Rossi Fiero Orange Vermouth is vibrant and zesty, made with a blend of sweet citrus and crisp white wines. This 750mL bottle is perfect for those who enjoy a modern twist on vermouth, ideal for vibrant, colorful cocktails.

Brand, Martini & Rossi
Category, Vermouth
Type, Orange
Origin, Italy
Alcohol Content, 15%
Aroma, Orange Zest, Vibrant
Taste, Zesty, Sweet Citrus
Best Served, In Cocktails
Bottle, Standard Glass Bottle