Madewest Hazy IPA 4pk 16 fl oz cans


ABV 7%Aroma- Tropical Fruits, JuicyTaste- Fruity, CreamyBest Served- ColdOrigin- USA

Madewest Hazy IPA is a modern take on the IPA style, featuring a cloudy appearance with a juicy and fruity hop profile. This 4-pack of 16oz cans delivers bold flavors of tropical fruits and a smooth, creamy body, making it a favorite among craft beer enthusiasts.

Brand, Madewest
Category, Beer
Type, Hazy IPA
Origin, USA
Alcohol Content, 7%
Aroma, Tropical Fruits, Juicy
Taste, Fruity, Creamy
Best Served, Cold
Pack, 4 cans, 16oz each