Eppig 7 Brewing West Coast IPA 16 fl oz


ABV 5.5%Flavor- Citrus, PineTaste- Crisp, BitterBest Served- ColdOrigin- USA

Eppig 7 Brewing West Coast IPA is a classic example of a West Coast-style IPA, known for its crisp bitterness and bright hoppy flavors of citrus and pine. This IPA is a celebration of hop character, providing a dry finish that makes it a refreshing choice for IPA lovers who appreciate the clean, sharp profile typical of West Coast brews.

Brand, Eppig 7 Brewing
Category, Beer
Type, West Coast IPA
Alcohol Content, 5.5%
Origin, USA
Flavor, Citrus, Pine
Taste, Crisp, Bitter
Best Served, Cold
Packaging, Likely Can or Bottle