Carsbad Crush 16 fl oz


ABV Estimated 4.5%Flavor- Citrus, TropicalTaste- Refreshing, LightBest Served- ColdOrigin- USA

Carsbad Crush is likely a fruit-infused beer or a light ale that delivers a burst of refreshing flavors, ideal for those who prefer a lighter, more approachable beer. With hints of citrus or tropical fruits, it’s designed to offer a crisp and enjoyable drinking experience, suitable for hot days or as a flavorful session beer.

Brand, Carsbad
Category, Beer
Type, Fruit Beer or Light Ale
Alcohol Content, Estimated 4.5%
Origin, USA
Flavor, Citrus, Tropical
Taste, Refreshing, Light
Best Served, Cold
Packaging, Likely Can or Bottle