Breaking Bread 2022 Cabernet Franc 750mL


ABV 13.5%Flavor- Blackberries, Bell Pepper, HerbalTaste- Bold, ExpressiveBest Served- Room TemperatureOrigin- USA

Breaking Bread 2022 Cabernet Franc is an expressive red wine that captures the essence of Cabernet Franc grapes with its bold flavors of blackberries and bell pepper, complemented by a fine herbal touch. This 750ml bottle is perfect for those who appreciate a wine with depth and a robust character.

Brand, Breaking Bread
Category, Wine
Type, Cabernet Franc
Alcohol Content, 13.5%
Origin, USA
Flavor, Blackberries, Bell Pepper, Herbal
Taste, Bold, Expressive
Best Served, Room Temperature
Package, 750ml